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Whose Son is He?
John Bouwers
Isaiah 7:10-14; Matthew 22:41-46
Not to Bring Peace
John Bouwers
Genesis 3:9-21; Luke 12:49-53
The Saviour who is Christ the Lord!
John Bouwers
Luke 1:26-33; Luke 2:8-11
Not to Do His Own Will
John Bouwers
John 6:35-40
Call Him Jesus!
John Bouwers
Matthew 1:18-25
Not to Abolish the Law
John Bouwers
Matthew 5:1-20
Our Times are in God's Hand
John Bouwers
Psalm 31
Not for the Righteous!
John Bouwers
Mark 2:1-17
The Right to Become Children of God
John Bouwers
John 1:1-18
Counted Righteous with God
John Bouwers
Genesis 15:1-6; Romans 4:1-8
Knowing the Triune God
John Bouwers
John 17
Your Shield and Exceedingly Great Reward
John Bouwers
Genesis 14:17-15:6
I Know Whom I Have Believed
John Bouwers
2 Timothy 1
Blessed By the Greater One
John Bouwers
Genesis 14
Our Need for a Mediator
Matthew Van Luik
Hebrews 1:1-4; Hebrews 2:5-18
The Lord Provides a Redeemer
Matthew VanDyken
Ruth 3
Confession Of God
Maurice Luimes
Matthew 10:1-33
How Can We Return to God's Favour?
John Bouwers
Hebrews 12:1-5
God Cannot Deny Himself!
John Bouwers
2 Timothy 2:8-14
Lift Your Eyes to the Promises!
John Bouwers
Genesis 13:5-18
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