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God created our first parents, Adam and Eve, without sin, sickness, or death to live in fellowship and relationship with Him. He placed them in a beautiful garden and gave them all the fruit of the garden to enjoy, except one tree, to test their faithfulness to Him. Adam and Eve disobeyed God, ate of the forbidden fruit, and plunged the whole world and the human race under the curse of God's judgment. The communion between God and man was broken. We became alienated from God's loving presence and faced only sin and eternal death.

However, in God's great mercy, He did not leave us there, but promised and provided forgiveness and reconciliation through His Son Jesus Christ to all who trust in Jesus to save them. Jesus' death on the cross in our place, His resurrection from the grave, and His ascension into heaven provide the sacrifice, certainty, and hope of the believer's restoration and eternal life.

All those who turn to Jesus Christ in faith and repentance will live eternally in God's presence in heaven without sin, sickness, or death. Those who do not will suffer the eternal punishment of hell.

Our Confession

We are a confessional church. This means that we believe, value and promote the following historical confessions. These confessions do not replace the Bible, but help us to understand what the Bible teaches.

We also confess the three historical creeds:

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